We are proud to offer what we feel is unsurpassed value.

The two components of value are quality and price .

We are proud of our quality obtained by a controlled volume of cases each day and week to result in giving each transplant case the importance that we know it has for each of you. Having undergone hair transplantation himself, Dr. Gilberto Alessandrini will always be conscious of the trust being given him as you make one of the more satisfying decisions of your life.


Our prices are among the most competitive in the country. Competitive prices are partly because of the competitive nature of cosmetic surgery in general in Tijuana , Mexico , just across to border town from San Diego, Ca.

But competitive prices also are the result of our business plan which includes modest marketing and sales budgets relative to many of the other transplant centers who utilize satellite sales offices, correspondingly large marketing budgets and, too often, a high volume of transplants at a higher cost per graft.

Please contact our patient coordinator(s) for quoting requisites  and promotional opportunities!

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Planning Hair Surgery  in Tijuana

In your first meeting, your hair transplant surgeon will evaluate your hair growth and loss, review your family history of hair loss and ask about any previous hair replacement surgery. Your surgeon will also ask you about your lifestyle and discuss your expectations and goals for surgery.

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